An all-round Health and wellness coach directing towards healthy lifestyle

17 Dec 2020 12:28 pm


With so many options out there to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Avanti brings out simple, easy and smart eating options that not just influence us to implement but also to stick to it for a nutritious and healthy forever life.

An insight into Avanti Deshpande’s life:

Avanti Deshpande has been into the space of nutrition and healthy lifestyle space for 15 years and is a nutritionist, dietician, health and wellness coach. As a counselor, she counsels the people for weight loss, women medical ailments and sports nutrition. She also does a lot of corporate workshops and top-end management consultation program that includes 3-month transformation and nutrition program. She consults and designs menus for the corporates and counsels in the corporate for nutrition.

Simple Nutrition hacks:

Avanti and her team of nutritionists came up with the idea of simple nutrition hacks that get the individuals covered with the simple and easy hacks to remain in a fittest and top form even in their busy scheduled lives. The simple nutrition hacks was developed with the busy scheduled lives people are living in mind, thus it involves the recipes and menus or say healthy quick bites that help in filling your stomach, satisfying your hunger yet keeping you healthy and fit.

She stresses on the fact of discontinued diets or crash diets, whose benefits are short-lived and people find it difficult to strictly or thoroughly follow it. She helps her customers find the easy ways to eat healthy when out and when traveling. She designs menus for them to ensure the health and nutrition regime is lagging behind even when traveling.

The key to health explained:

Remaining in a healthy form isn’t that difficult as it seems or sounds. All it requires is right intake and enough care. In accordance with Avanti Deshpande, 20 minutes of physical activity or indulgence in sport, a simple breakfast intake and lots of water intake in a day is all a person needs to stay in his healthy and top form.

Eating smart option:

Not always we brew our food, sometimes we need a break from daily routine and go out to restaurants. Keeping such instances in mind Avanti had come with certain collaborations with the food chain industry that help you keep yourself stick to your diet plan even on your break. She also has few collaborations that provide healthy cooked food on daily basis, such services are especially for the ones who are not locals.

Eating healthy is an option until we are concerned o remain in top form, our form depends on our intake. Now is the time to make eating healthy a lifestyle.

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