Homegrown App CitizenChat Gains Higher Visibility as the Go-to Messaging Platform in India; crosses 500k downloads

23 Feb 2021 04:33 pm

CitizenChat is a 100% desi user-friendly interface that became operational in October 2016. The COO, Mr. Malli Matla shared the story behind the development of this app. As a person, he was always passionate about innovating and implementing novel ideas. He was amazed by the technological innovation behind WhatsApp. However, with WhatsApp, he couldn't communicate with his family in his native language.

He said, "I thought why can't I type in english and my parents read it in our mother tongue. This gave birth to the idea of live translation in chat where people can type in any language and the recipient can set a language of choice to read that message. This way I want to break the language barrier between people and make the world a global village."

Unique Features of CitizenChat

Citizenchat is an innovative app that eliminates all geographical, regional, cultural, and language barriers. The unique in-app translator with over 100 languages; enables users to connect with their kith and kin spread across the globe in their local language.

Moreover, its advanced search algorithms help users find their long-lost friends and professional connections within seconds.

The wide range of attractive video-editing tools provided by CitizenChat has led to its increased popularity among influencers, celebrities, vloggers, and content creators. The 'Duet Mode' feature enables users to become overnight stars. Recently, the app crossed 500k+ user downloads.

It is a one-app solution for users' personal and professional communication needs. It is also a state-of-art online platform for both; individuals and companies to market their products and services. Companies can find potential employees and individuals can find suitable vacancies through this app. Moreover, users can access community projects and undertake courses for personal and professional development.

India's PM Modi said, "Vocal for local should become mantra for every Indian". CitizenChat's 'Made in India' dimension conforms with PM Modi's vision of 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat'.

CitizenChat Privacy policy

CitizenChat has a robust data protection policy too. It ensures that the security and privacy of users' is not compromised in any way.

"User data integrity and privacy are of utmost importance to us as an organisation. As we see user data getting compromised and serious privacy issues across the social media platform, we intend to make our platform more strong as we embark ourselves towards 2022," says CitizenChat's COO Mr. Malli Matla.

CitizenChat protects personal information using standard techniques as per industry norms. Personal data will be shared with third parties only under the following circumstances :-

  • Users have requested or given explicit consent for personal data sharing.
  • When it is required by the law of the land.
  • To maintain the functionalities of the app. However, only requisite and not all data will be shared for this purpose.
  • To enforce terms and conditions of app usage.
  • To ensure highest security standards for registered members, visitors, and the general public.

Personal information like hobbies, professional experience, education etc. is mainly collected for providing enjoyable and personalized experiences to users. The app ensures that crucial data like credit card information is securely protected. Thus, users can make in-app purchases with minimal risk.

The app offers many tools to users to synchronize their address book and contacts with other services. Users can edit or delete this information at will.

The app will request basic information in the following situations:-

  • Users register themselves on the app.
  • Users contact customer service.
  • Users access CitizenChat website. They click on ads inside and outside CitizenChat's services.
  • Users access third party services or websites.
  • Users use the services of CitizenChat's partners.

CitizenChat mainly uses cookies for collecting information. Log files and IP addresses are used for tracking devices accessing CitizenChat's services. Mobile device identifiers, advertising technologies, and web beacons are also used for tracking users' behavioral patterns for providing customized experiences. Users can request CitizenChat to stop behavioral tracking on third-party websites by simply dropping a mail to the customer support team.

The privacy policy followed by CitizenChat is universal. It makes no discrimination among users based on nationality, race, religion, caste, creed, or sex. No particular group of users will be subject to lower security standards.

With CitizenChat, users can easily limit the audience to their posts. They can block or unfriend someone with a single click. The 'incognito' mode allows users to stay away from entities they do not wish to interact with. Thus, CitizenChat protects the freedom of users with its robust privacy controls.

About CitizenChat

CitizenChat is an Indian app with global presence. It is one-of-a-kind social media platform and mobile application for video content creation and sharing. It is a growing app which has the will, ability, and resources to tide over challenges and survive the cut-throat competition. It's robust data security standards make it a 'go-to' solution in current times.

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