Teach These 7 Instructions To Your Pet Cat For Grooming

Cat training is an excellent method to bond with your cat while also teaching them a few essential meanings while grooming.

Yes, cat grooming is very important and the best thing is it can be easily done at home. It not only leaves them feeling great but also helps them in maintaining good health.

Is that your cat never gets excited every time you do the grooming? In general, cats can learn to appreciate grooming so if yours is unhappy it’s because of the tips and tricks you are unaware about.

So here are some best instructions to teach your pet cat for grooming that will make the entire process easy for you and peaceful for your pet.

  • Train to shake hands

Shaking hand cat training is much easier than it appears. When your cat moves its paw, tap it with your clicker along with saying shake. Make sure to continue training until your cat responds to the shake command by offering its paw without tapping.

Plan for a reward for each achievement he does, then, act as if you and your cat are on the same level. Even though this may require several training sessions, your cat will be well-behaved once the cat has acquired the skills.

  • Train to beg

Similar to shaking hands, training your cat to beg is comparable. So hold a treat right above your cat’s head while saying “ask”. Click to mark the behaviour then give your cat the treat. Practice with him till the time you find him begging for the treat hanging from the top.

  • Train to sit

Whenever your cat sits naturally, click and treat her. When you put out the treats, you’ll notice your cat sitting to command you. So once you predict her behaviour, make use of the word “sit”. Then with the help of a targeted wand try to lure her into a place and repeat until she completely understands what you’re trying to teach.

  • Train to come

From the moment they enter your home, cats can come to learn. So to teach this instruction to your pet cat, simply treat cup shake and combine the word “comb”.

So when your cat learns, make sure you click and reward her. However, make sure to gradually increase the time between saying “come” and shaking the rewards until she responds on command.

  • Train to kiss 

Giving your cat a kiss is one thing as it shows your affection for them. But what if your pet cat kisses back?

Yes, it is possible with some training tricks. All you need is basic instruction and an easy cat trick. So either on your finger or cheek spread some cheese or baby food.

Call your cat and say kiss while pointing to your face or finger. Pet your cat and give him a cat treat to show your appreciation. Eventually, you’ll see how much your cat adores kisses.

  • Jump

Cats are naturally eager to jump, so why not turn it into a cat trick? Yes, all you need is to teach your pet cat some simple instructions. So teach your cat to jump onto any surface, such as a chair or a table.

For instance, if you want to teach your cat to jump through a hoop, then start with the basics. Firstly choose the right hoop and get familiar with it. Then work on walking through the hoop and as she gets comfortable walking through the hoop, give her the reward.

  • Train to use the toilet

Cats usually pee and poop in a litter box or outside. Isn’t it? But wouldn’t it be amazing to teach your cat how to use the toilet?

Place the litter box somewhere near the toilet. Raise the litter tray to the toilet level gradually. Open the toilet seat and place the litter box on top of it. Later replace the litter box with a training kit.

Some important things to follow when training your pet cat 

Here are some important facts you should know when training your pet cat

  • Groom them when they are young

Grooming is more acceptable to kittens since mother cats groom their young, thus it feels normal to them.

Handling your kitten allows them to become accustomed to being touched and held. So the best instruction is to train your older cat by giving them extra attention, but it will be much better if you start early.

To begin with, your cat’s attention span is shorter than yours, you can’t expect her to remain engaged every time you’re ready to train her.

In the beginning, you may need to walk her back to the small box to remind her where it is. The lessons may be more gradual if you’re teaching your kitty to play with her toys.

  • Begin small

If you’re enthusiastic about training, you might want to dive in headfirst and teach your cat everything at once.

However, practising one lesson at a time is a better way to succeed. So once your cat has mastered whatever you’re working on, you can go on to the next training exercise.

When you first bring a new kitten home, you may want to start litter training her right immediately.

After that, you can focus on interacting with other animals, quiet grooming, and so forth. Simply put, during her exploration, your only responsibility should be to respect her space along with being approachable.

  • Using the clipper

It should be a simple process if your cat has been around clippers since he or she was a kitten.

However, if you’re clipping an older cat for the first time, start slowly and work your way up. So begin by allowing your cat to become accustomed to your caressing and handling their paws.

Make sure they are accustomed to sitting in your lap and are at ease with your touch. Touch their paws gently and avoid negative body language such as curling back or tail moving.

Instead, you can progress to gently pressing on their paw to expose their nails after they are comfortable with you touching their paws.

  • Make use of a rewarding system

Rewarding good conduct, especially during giving your pet cat instructions for grooming is a powerful incentive.

Your cuddly new companion can choose between two types of prizes. First and foremost, realize that she will appreciate any compliments you give her.

Remind her in a good voice tone by saying what a good girl or nice job is while rubbing or scratching her fur so that she understands how much you care for her.

Treats are another way to give her instructions about how well the grooming process was. So you can show a signal using a sound tool.


Make grooming enjoyable!

Nothing beats a little pampering to make your pet feel and look like the superstar that they are. Grooming your cat should be enjoyable for both of you, so make sure you’re also in a good mood.

Also remember, training doesn’t happen overnight, so even if your cat makes mistakes from time to time, don’t make the mistake of punishing them ever.

However, if you don’t have the time or patience to care for your cat’s fur or cleanliness, consider hiring a professional groomer.

Be aware that this can be costly, but it can save you time and make your cat less stressed. Before you send your cat to the groomer, make sure to have a look around.

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