Top 7 Companies in India that bring innovation through Artificial Intelligence

India and Artificial Intelligence

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of technological advancement in the whole world. Artificial Intelligence makes way for new innovations. Even some developed countries are behind India when it comes to technological advancements.

Amazing development in Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are responsible for India’s fast economic growth.

Industries in India, especially retail trading industries in India are rapidly adopting Artificial Intelligence for better productivity, more profit, and less labour cost not to mention the saved effort and time. India is one of the 10 Nations in the world to adopt Artificial Intelligence.

Top companies in India that Bring Innovation through Artificial Intelligence 

Here are 7 top companies in India that are making remarkable performance by adopting Artificial Intelligence:

1. Kellton Tech

This company has a market capitalization of a total of 712.75 crores and this company was started in the year 1993. It has played a huge role in the advancement of the information technology software business in India. There are as many as 1400 total people working in the firm.

Basically, it is an information technology-based, an outsourcing company with its headquarters in Hyderabad and operating in the US and in Europe.

Cutting edge artificial intelligence solutions are produced in this company starting from machine learning to deep learning.

During this period of advancement in technology, the stock of the company returned 40.86 per cent, whilst the Nifty IT returned 106.55 per cent.

2. Bosche Center for Artificial Intelligence

This is a relatively new company which was started in the year 2017 by Bosche and has been gaining a lot of popularity since. This company is also one of the top companies that brings innovation through Artificial Intelligence in India.


The main objective of the Bosche Center is to establish the base for Artificial Intelligence to have any real impact so that the world can be benefited from modern advancement.

The company wants to integrate cutting edge Artificial Intelligence into the products of this company to result in amazing solutions.

The research of Artificial Intelligence generates differentiations in six areas by integrating the data from all the subjects of Bosche.

During the period of 3 years, the stock had lost -15.94 per cent, whereas the Nifty 100 index had gained 44.16 per cent during the same time.

3.Tata Elxsi

The Tata Elxsi Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence was developed with the main aim of advancement and more inventions in the field of Artificial Intelligence development.

This company has contributed a lot to society through advancements in different technologies that have made our life easier and improved the quality of life, especially in the urban areas.

For example, self-driving cars and video analytics in India have achieved a breakthrough in India thanks to Tata Elxsi.

The company’s cloud-based integrated data analytics frameworks, including patent-pending technologies, have enabled the customers to easily adapt and modify the landscape.

The stock returned 174.89 per cent to investors, while the Nifty IT returned 106.55 per cent.

4. Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is another top company that brought innovation to India through Artificial Intelligence. The first priority of this company is the development in the field of Artificial Intelligence which they have achieved by adopting a unique market strategy of building disruptive Artificial Intelligence.

Zensar has already submitted 100 patent applications. Real-time map updates are also now possible in India owing to the advancement in Artificial Intelligence.

Zensar technologies not only supply new tools and technologies but also support other businesses in this field.

Not only that, Zensar has recently launched platforms for sale and marketing, human resources, information technology and so on.

5. Oracle Financial

This company is really popular and known for achieving great heights in innovation through AI. The Artificial Intelligence expertise possessed by Oracle financial is beneficial to a lot of companies and a lot of Information technology operations.

The Artificial Intelligence services of Oracle provide pre-trained models which can be customized as per an organization’s own data.

This customisation can help improve the quality of the model. Thus, Oracle’s Artificial Intelligence technology is really easy to adopt and use by the developers.

6. Happiest minds

Happiest Minds Technologies was started in the year 2011, and currently has a market capitalization of Rs. 13,507.78 crore.

Their main characteristic is to combine augmented intelligence with natural language processing, picture analytics, video analytics and augmented reality and virtual reality to engage a large customer base by guiding businesses into positive competition with their rival businesses.

They have the main target of building intelligent systems that are able to think and act like humans and learn from their past mistakes, manufacture new things and are capable of making their own decisions without external interference.

This is a great path adopted by Happiest Minds to inspire the upcoming generations to do better by working harder. This company produced a return on equity (ROE) of 29.62 per cent in the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2021.

7. Dash Technologies Inc. 

This company is an information technology firm whose speciality is application development of web and mobile. This company is also a global leader in the field of producing world-class solutions.

Dash Technologies are related to all sizes and types of businesses by working with them, for example starting from start-ups to Fortune companies and so many more.

This company has a lot of experience in this sector of developing applications that not only meet your company’s goals and objectives but surpass your expectations heavily.


In today’s modern world of unlimited wants, Artificial Intelligence is needed and especially in this era of globalization, countries like India need to constantly push to develop new AI technologies for the overall growth and development of the country.

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