Top 7 Healthcare Industries in India That Believe in Innovation

Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India has come a long way since the post-independence period. India has made a major breakthrough in health care development.

The death rates have declined significantly, infant mortality rates have also declined and a lot more hospitals and dispensaries have sprung up all over India.

The number of doctors and nurses has increased in the country and so have other medical personnel.

Medical services have developed to a really large extent in India. India is emerging as one of the global destinations for medical tourism. India is making amazing advances in the development of innovative healthcare services.

The world-class hospitals in the metropolitan cities of India serve patients from all over the world. Technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in the healthcare sector of India as well.

India is also well known as one of the famous destinations for medical outsourcing. Recently a lot of health care centres encourage innovative ideas to be implemented so that the patients can be treated more efficiently with greater precision and accuracy.

Top 7 Healthcare Industries in India that Encourage Innovation

There are a lot of industries that actively support innovation by implementing new medical services. Some of the top healthcare industries in India are:

1. Niramai

Niramai Health was founded by two people Nidhi Mathur and Geeta Manjunath in the year 2006. This healthcare industry is located in Bengaluru.

It was started with a particular objective keeping in mind the higher rates of breast cancer and bringing it under control.

The health high technology startup has developed a special service called thermalytrix which uses artificial intelligence and a high-resolution thermal testing device for detecting breast cancer at an early stage rather than the traditional method of self-examination.

The best thing about the device is that it is automated, low cost and portable. With the help of this device, cancer screening can be possible even in clinics. ML algorithm forms the core technology.


The main objective of is to make healthcare services available to a wider set of people and to make the medical services in India more affordable and accessible too.

It was founded by Prashant Warrier and Pooja Rao and the company was established in 2016.

This company is located in Mumbai. This healthcare industry in India believes in innovation.

It specializes in the interpretation of radiology images and scans. This company works by interpretation of a deep algorithm.

Other developed services are head CT scans, Chest x-rays, chest CT scans etc within a couple of seconds.

Community solutions are also provided for COVID-19, tuberculosis, and public health by

3. Artelus

It is a very famous healthcare industry with its influence spread over the world. It was founded by Pradeep Walia, Rajarajeshwari K and Vish Durga in the year 2015.

Artificial Intelligence-powered algorithms review the images for the purpose of diagnosis. The main focus of this startup is diabetic retinopathy screening.

This is achieved through deep learning algorithms. It has a lot of branches spread through more than 502 locations not just limited to India but to other foreign countries as well such as the USA and UAE(Dubai). This startup has been beneficial for more than 81,000 patients.

Their most recent and advanced technology development includes the artificial intelligence-powered contactless diabetic retinopathy screening system. In this system, eye examinations can be conducted in a very short time.

4. Healthify. Me

This startup has its origin in Bangalore, Karnataka. This was founded in the year 2021 and is a very big startup effort for the cause of establishing digital healthcare systems in India.

The founders of the startup are Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy and Mathew Cherian.


Their aim is to base the healthcare industry on digitized healthcare and welfare. Digitization of healthcare services is a very important and next-level step in the innovation of the total health care system of India.

It would save a lot of travelling time and cost. Even booking online appointments to saves a lot of time.

Indians should be familiar with the digital healthcare systems so start-ups or initiatives like these are really important.

5. PharmEasy 

This startup is Mumbai-based and was founded by Dharmil Sheth, Mikhil Innani and Dhaval Shah in the year 2015. They have developed an app that basically connects users with pharmacies.

With the help of this app, users are able to make medical deliveries very easily just by using their smartphones. It’s a great innovative initiative by PharmEasy.

It has a record of partnering with more than 80,000 pharmacies in more than 1200 cities in the country and is helping over 5 million people.

6. SigTuple Technologies

This company is situated in Bengaluru and was co-founded by Tathagato Rai Dastidar, Apurv Anand and Rohit Pandey. It was started in the year 2015. This is also one of the top healthcare industries in India that believe in innovation.

Their main aim is the replacement of manual review with automation of simple medical services like blood samples, urine samples, semen, and retinal image analysis with the help of AI. It also offers a digital microscope and operates in other different important fields.

7. OncoStem Diagnosis

This healthcare industry uses ML algorithms to achieve its main objective of assessment of tumours and identifying the health risks related to them. It was established in the year 2011.

Its most important asset is the CanAssist which uses data support vector machine-based statistics to assign risk scores to the patients based on the five biomarkers.

Their techniques include support vector machines with different specifications and characteristics.


These healthcare industries strongly believe in innovation and focus on the usage of AI in healthcare to achieve breakthroughs in various medical fields, so that Indians can have better access to medical services at lower rates.

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