Top 7 Leather Manufacturing Companies in India


Leather manufacturing companies are a great source of income and are profitable businesses in today’s era. The expansion of population and the increasing rate of urbanization has made the leather manufacturing industries more popular.

The reason why leather manufacturing industries are increasing and gaining more popularity is due to the daily consumption of leather by humans. Leather manufacturing companies didn’t emerge recently, it is among one of the oldest manufacturing industries in the world. People have used and are using leather in various ways as accessories, shoes, clothes, bags, purses and so on.

Top 7 Leather Manufacturing Companies in India

Here is a list of the top leather manufacturing companies in India that have contributed significantly to the society and the economy:

1. Bata India Ltd.

Bata India Limited is famous all over the country for selling wonderful good quality shoes. The founding year of the company was in the year of 1984 founded by Tomas Batra. Not only footwear, but it also includes other Accessories and clothing too.

It serves not only in India but has international reach in countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. It is based in Switzerland. It is also famous for leather manufacturing. It has a lot of leather manufacturing industries to produce high-quality shoes and other materials.

2. Lakhani Arman group 

Initially, this group or company started in the year 1966, when the Lakhani Rubber Works was founded. Lakhani Rubber Works was an automotive manufacturing company which was started by K.C Lakhani.

Its main focus is now the production of quality footwear by processing the leather. Different types of shoes are made for all men, women and children. The products of footwear include beach slippers, canvas shoes, and sports shoes. Lakhani Arman group has other branch companies too. The companies are, Lakhani Rubber products private limited, Lakhani footwear, Lakhani shoes and Apparels Private Limited, Mascot Footwear, etc.

3. Bhartiya International Ltd. 

This is also among the top leather manufacturing companies in India. This company was founded in 1987. Bhartiya International Ltd employs almost 5000-10000 people. It is included among the top exporters and manufacturers of leather apparel in India and so contributes significantly to the International exports of the country.

Bhartiya International Ltd has global clients too because of its good quality of leather.  This company comprises nine production facilities in the Bengaluru-Chennai region. China is a regular client of the leather produced by Bhartiya International Ltd.

Subsidiaries of this leather manufacturing company are Bhartiya Global Marketing Ltd., J&J Leather Enterprises Ltd., Bhartiya International SEZ Ltd., Bharatiya Fashion Retail Ltd., World Fashion Trade Ltd., BIL Group LLC, Ultima S.A., Ultima Italia SRL. The headquarters of this company is situated in Gurugram, Haryana.

4. Mayur Uniquoters Limited 

This leather manufacturing company was established in the year of 1994. Artificial leather and Faux leather are the specialities of this company. Artificial leather manufactured by Mayur Uniquoters limited is used in automotive, footwear, furnishing, leather goods and garments.

Other products manufactured by them are PVC Vinyl. This company has 4 warehouses situated in the USA and Mexico and 2 production houses in India. Mayur Uniquoters Limited supplies high-quality leather to more than 20 countries of the world.

The production capacity of this leather manufacturing company per month is 3.05 million linear. It also has been awarded for being under Forbes Asia Top 200, $1Bn enterprises.

5.Mirza International Limited

The establishment year of Mirza International Limited is 1979. It is not only a famous manufacturer but also a very famous supplier of leather to international famous brands and companies. The other name for this company is Red Tape.

Their infrastructures are amazingly planned to consist of large organizational structures, skilled workers, and advanced technology. The company has a consumer-focussed approach which makes it a better choice for buying leather. This company has an omnichannel marketing network. Additionally, the company has 6 Integrated manufacturing facilities and has an experience of 40 years in the manufacturing of leather.  It owns a portfolio of well-recognized brands such as MODE, OAKTRAK, Bond Street, and Red Tape.

6. Farida Group

Farida group is famous for being the manufacturer and supplier of good quality finished leather and also amazing men’s and women’s footwear. This company is among the top leather manufacturing companies in India. 

Three business segments in which it operates are leather, uppers and shoe manufacturing units. The Farida group is famous and has its influence in over 40 countries all over the world. This company is also known for its punctuality of product delivery which is a major plus point.

Customer satisfaction is also given great importance by the Farida group. The subsidiaries of the Farida group are Farida Shoes Pvt Ltd, Arcot Soles Pvt Ltd, Farida Classic Shoes Pvt Ltd, Delta Shoes Pvt Ltd, Farida Leather Ware Private Limited, Farida Prime Tannery, India Shoes Exports Private Limited, Kenmore Shoes Private Limited, Farida Tannery PLC- Ethiopia.

7. Superhouse Limited 

Superhouse Limited is a producer and supplier of all kinds of goods produced by leather, good quality leather and textile garments. This company is a multi-unit and multi-product conglomerate. Footwear manufacturing by the company is especially famous.

Superhouse Limited also has good production technology including a complex machine structure, a large organizational base, vast capital and skilled workers too. The leather goods produced by the company have already received global appreciation.

There are 22 manufacturing units in the company, the total market capitalization is over a 200million. Another major plus point is that it provides employment to a large number of people (Over 8000).

It is spread over 50 locations in the whole world and is continuing to expand its sphere of manufacturing and influence with its amazing performance and good reviews.


Leather is a necessity for human consumption, so the expansion of leather industries must be encouraged through sustainable means.

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